Town Officials
Town Commission:
3-Year Term
Seat 1: Joseph L. Aufmuth,
Mayor Pro Tem   2016-2019
Seat 2: Tim Parker
, Mayor  2016-2019
Seat 3: Virginia Mance
Seat 4: Troy Blakely   2017-2020
Seat 5: Mike Roberts   2017-2020
Founded 1821
Town Commission
Town of Micanopy Charter, Article III
There shall be a Town Commission composed of five (5) members elected by the qualified voters of the Town. Only registered voters of the Town, eighteen (18) years of age or older, shall be eligile to hold the
office of Town Commissioner. Town Commissioners shall be elected at large, but shall hold a specific seat on the Town Commission, and those seats shall be numbered 1 through 5. A candidate for Town
Commissioner may run for no more than one seat in any election. Election shall be by majority vote, in the event no candidate receives a majority for any one seat, a runoff shall be held between the two
candidates receiving the largest number of votes. The regular election shall be held on the second Tuesday in March of every year.

After seating of the newly elected commissioners, the new commission shall, as the first order of business, reorganize, to wit: The Town Clerk shall act as a nonvoting chairman of the Town Commission for the
purpose of accepting nominations for Mayor. After all nominations are made and seconded, the Clerk shall call the role of commissioners and each of whom shall vote for one of the nominees presented. Only
elected commissioners shall be eligible to serve as Mayor or Mayor Pro-Tem.
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