Elected Officials

The Town Commission has control over administration and operation of the Town and holds all lawful legislative powers and oversees the Town’s budget. The Town Commission is responsible for providing responsive and effective customer service addressing the needs of the citizens, facilitating open and honest communication while encouraging citizen participation, ensuring excellent stewardship and accountability of public funds, and preserving the Town’s historic charm and quality of life.

The Mayor and Town Commissioners are residents and electors of the Town of Micanopy serving three-year terms. All residents who are registered voters and eighteen years or older are eligible to hold the office of Commissioner.

Town Commissioners are elected at large, but hold specific seats on the Town Commission. A candidate for Town Commission may run for no more than one seat in any election. The Town Commission nominates the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem from the five Commission seats held. The Mayor is the head of Town government for all ceremonial and official purposes; has the power to call meetings and presides at meetings; and executes all ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and documents on behalf of the Micanopy Town Commission.

To Contact Town Commissioners, email townhall@micanopytown.com

Mayor Joseph Aufmuth – Seat 1                                                               
Mayor Pro Tem Timothy A. Parker – Seat 2
Commissioner Ginny Mance – Seat 3
Commissioner Troy Blakely – Seat 4
Commissioner Mike Roberts – Seat 5

March 2019-March 2022
March 2019-March 2022
June 2020-March 2021
March 2017-March 2020
March 2017-March 2020