The Town of  Micanopy, Florida is a political subdivision of the State of Florida created under the provisions of Chapter 165, Florida Statutes. The Town was established under Chapter 24723 (Special Acts of 1947) of the Florida Legislature. Accordingly, it is controlled by the Florida Constitution and various Florida Statutes as well as its own local charter dated January 1, 1983, ordinances, and policies. Micanopy is one of nine incorporated municipal governments in Alachua County. The Research Demographer at the University of Florida officially lists the Town’s population at 615 residents. 

The Town of Micanopy operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The Town Commission is elected by the voters and in turn, the Commission appoints a professionally trained individual as its Town Administrator. It is the responsibility of the Town Administrator to handle day-to-day operation of city business. The Town Commission makes policy decisions, and votes on all legislative or quasi-judicial matters required or enabled by state or federal law.