Town Administrator

The Town Administrator/Clerk serves at the pleasure of the Commission and the position has been held by Sara Owen since June 2021. The Town Administrator oversees all general government and enterprise programs and services; acts as the Code Enforcement Officer and enforces all Town laws, ordinances and policies; acts as purchasing agent for the Town and manages the capital improvement program; oversees investment management; prepares the budget and related budget message; serves as the voting registration deputy; researches, compiles, and distributes material pertinent to the Town and government issues; acts as the liaison between the Commission and other government agencies; directs and supervises the administration of all departments of the Town; oversees the yearly audit; oversees the comprehensive record management program and archives; maintains the Town website;  administers grants, and serves as the supervisor of all Town employees as provided by the Employee Handbook.

Small municipalities must make the best of their demanding situations. In a survey conducted by the Florida League of Cities, participating municipalities reported average citizen to employee ratios of 93:1. Micanopy  runs efficiently with a current ratio of 167:1  (56% of the reported average.)

Sara Owen 
Town Administrator/Clerk
[email protected]

(352) 466-3121