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Micanopy Public Works manually reads approximately 330 water meters per month. Staff works hard to control the hazards of meter reading. Therefore, we ask that all Micanopy water users  ensure that the area around their water meter is free of debris and obstacles. Promote safe access to your water meter by removing brush, plants, or shrubs that may present a hazard for our meter readers. Make sure that landscaping allows for safe, efficient access for the meter reader. Often dogs are very protective of their home and family. Please make sure your dog is secured or restrained, so we can efficiently obtain an accurate meter reading for you.

Some of our customers like to occasionally read their own water meters. To determine water usage, you’ll need to read your meter at the beginning and at the end of the particular cycle you want to track. Water is measured in gallons. Your meter is covered by a plastic case and located in the ground usually close to the edge of your property along a street where the main water line is located. The case is removed to read the meter, any immediate dirt and/or debris removed, and the case is replaced when reading is complete.

Most water leaks are from broken lateral lines and running toilets. A broken one-inch line will waste between 1,200 to 3,000 gallons per hour. A toilet leak can waste as much as 30 gallons/day. Larger leaks can use up to 5 gallons/minute. To check for a leak, turn off all faucets and water-using appliances on your property. Look at the meter. If the dial on the meter is moving, there is water passing through the meter. If you have turned all water off, this means that there is a continuous leak on the user’s side of the meter. Repair of water leaks to the property owner’s side of the meter is the user’s responsibility and might require the expertise of  a plumber.       

David Holton, Public Works Supervisor
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